anonima|Mente design is a self-produced design brand created in 2010 by Laura Giovannini, architect.

The word "anonima" - "anonymous" - plays ironically on the extreme simplification of forms, which leads to products actually anything but anonymous, in fact strongly influenced by the aesthetic point of view, original and distinctive.
Laura Giovannini graduated in architecture at the University of Ferrara in 2010. In the same year she founded anonima|Mente design and started working as self-produced designer to a style which is strongly influenced by her architectural training, subtle and minimal.

[ D E S I G N ] Pure lines and clean shapes characterize each anonima|Mente design creation. The result is apparently simple, but not easy to get: each product cames from a long research, from drawings to prototypes, to achieve the perfect balance between style, comfort and functionality.

[ M A D E . I N . I T A L Y ] All the products are entirely handmade in Italy and self-produced. The designer follows directly the entire production process. This guarantees a high quality and ethical production, thanks to the high level of craftsmanship, the use of natural and recyclable materials, the minimization of waste production. At the same time, a direct contact with her own creations allows the designer to carry on a continuous study and improvement, and provides more and new ideas.